About Linda Sue Runnels

Linda Sue Runnels

With the Mt. Shasta Garden Tour video Linda Sue Runnels honors the dedication, experience and passion of the 6 gardeners. The gardens, the experience of the gardeners and their results—all are timeless.

Linda Sue Runnels started painting at the age of 6. Her mother was an avid gardener, and in her teens Linda Sue began working with her on the family’s 1 ½ acres: digging in the dirt, laying flagstone pathways and patios, building a rock garden, caring for 50 year old camellias, and pruning the extensive rose garden.

Always passionate about color and texture, twenty years ago she brought her love of color and design into the digital world. She studied and then taught at the American Film Institute and Otis College of Art in Los Angeles.

Linda Sue has combined her experience in the world of multi-media and video with her love of gardening to produce this visual delight on gardening in Mt. Shasta.

Some of the projects she has worked on in the past are: Training and promotional videos for Sauza Tequila, J. F. Shea Industries, East West Bank and Leslie Pool Supplies. She was the “cloud designer” for the feature film, “Virtuosity,” starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. As art director, animator and video consultant for the award-winning CD-ROM for girls, “The Baby-Sitter’s Club Friendship Kit”, she designed the interface, the look and feel of the project, and was the lead artist.

Linda Sue has produced many video projects, among them: “Mom, I’m Pregnant,” a video about teen pregnancy, and promotional videos for Phoenix School in Roseburg, Oregon; “Education: Hope for a Better Future,” for Los Ninos de Chapala y Ajijic, an educational charity in the Lake Chapala area south of Gudalajara, Mexico; and for our own Living Memorial Sculpture Garden.

She hopes you enjoy the Mt. Shasta Garden Tour video and that it inspires you to try new things that you’ve learned.

View video clips of Linda Sue’s work:

Living Memorial Sculpture Garden: Honoring Vets

Glass Forge: Making of a Tidepool Bowl

The Baby Sitter’s Club Friendship Kit

Los Ninos de Chapala y Ajijic: Education